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文章标题:保罗的赞赏 PAUL'S PRAISE FOR THE COLOSSIAN CHRISTIANS??文章来源:天天天言??发布时间:2014/12/9??访问次数:4019??文章简介:Bible Reading: Colossians 1:3-8

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文章来源:天天天言   发布时间:2014/12/9     访问次数:4019   

简介:Bible Reading: Colossians 1:3-8

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??? 保罗的赞赏

??? 读经:?
??? 歌罗西书一章3至8节

??? 保罗在写给每间教会的书信中,都会对他们作出真诚的赞许。保罗怎样赞赏歌罗西的信徒呢?

??? 接着,他为他们祷告。保罗每天都为到许多教会和信徒的需要祷告。这对我们有何提醒呢?

??? 然后,他称他们是有信心的。这亦可表示他们是值得信任的。基督徒能够在事奉上表现出忠心可靠,是很重要的。任何教会都需要有值得信赖的信徒参与事奉,才能有稳固的发展。

??? 信徒满有信心,对教会也是莫大的祝福。基督教的信仰,始于个人决志相信耶稣基督和他的话语。接着,我们仍是借着信心与他相交。我们在他里面得着永恒的保障。即使在开始的时候我们只有微弱的信心,但只要学习每天信靠主,我们对神的信心就能与日俱增。

??? 保罗还称赞他们向众圣徒显出爱心。这称赞实在很难能可贵。去爱那些可爱和趣味相投的人并不难;但保罗在此是称赞他们爱「众圣徒」,即没有厚此薄彼的爱心。基督岂不是教导我们:「我们若彼此相爱,别人就知道我们是他的门徒」吗?

??? 保罗还称赞他们有盼望。基督徒与非基督徒的其中一项最大分别,就是在于基督徒有盼望。基督徒自认是人生的客旅,这世界不是他们的家;他们的盼望是在于神应许赐他们永生。信徒的信心是系于基督的十字架;而盼望则使他们看见天上的荣耀。

??? Bible Reading:?
??? Colossians 1:3-8

??? Paul had sincere words of praise for each church whenever he could honestly give them. What did he say about the Christians at Colosse?
??? Firstly he was thankful for them (v. 3). Stop and ask yourself. Do I give thanks for fellow Christians? The grace of gratitude too often lies undeveloped in many Christians' hearts.

??? Secondly, he was prayerful for them. Paul seems to have had a very long prayer list which he covered regularly. He said so to many of the churches. What does that say to us today?

??? Then he described them as faithful. It can mean both reliable or full of faith. To be reliable is a great asset in Christian service. If others can depend on us to do what we promise, it is a wonderful help in any church.

??? To be full of faith is also a tremendous blessing in a church situation. Christianity begins with personal faith in Jesus Christ and his Word. Then our relationship with him continues by faith. We are eternally secure in him. However our personal confidence, our vision of what God can do will grow as we learn day by day to put our trust in the Lord.

??? Paul also said they had love for all the saints. Isn't that a beautiful compliment? It is easy to love those we like or those who agree with us but Paul says they loved all saints. Do we need to underline that one word 'all'? What did Christ say? By this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another.'

??? There are other words too that Paul used when he spoke of the Colossian Christians. One is that they had hope. This is one of the great differences between a Christian and the rest of the world. The Christian says 'This world is not my home-I'm just passing through'. Our hope is based on the promises of God and helps us take our eyes off this world and focus them on the next. Faith lays hold of the cross. Hope looks on to the glory.



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